Pandemic Pollwatch

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The coronavirus pandemic is a world-wide phenomenon that has galvanized global attention and made an impression on public thinking in virtually every country. It is the dominant concern of publics world-wide.


GQR is releasing a series of regular papers summarizing and analyzing available data on global opinion on COVID-19. We are focusing on selected aspects of the global opinion research, with an emphasis on political implications, and providing links to all polls we have identified, so others have a resource for their own investigations.



The Global Political Implications of COVID-19: What Global Polling Tells Us


On June 9, 2020, GQR Managing Partner,  Dr. Jeremy Rosner, and Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and the Maurice R. Greenberg Chair at the Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. James Lindsay, led an interactive Zoom conversation on what global polling and recent developments tell us about the politics of the coronavirus pandemic. The discussion was moderated by GQR Vice President Jonathan Moakes.

The conversation drew on from GQR’s Pandemic PollWatch series, and focused on the roughly dozen national elections that will be occurring in the US various other countries around the world during the remainder of 2020. Given that the coronavirus pandemic has been a major factor in every country, Rosner and Lindsay discussed the patterns in political consequences that the polls suggest so far, and what that may mean for these upcoming elections.

You can also watch the full webinar HERE.