No polling and strategy firm has succeeded in more races and issue campaigns than GQR. Over and over, in the toughest, most competitive races, we have helped our clients campaign, win, govern and win again. Starting with President Bill Clinton’s historic campaign in 1992, we have helped elect a generation of Democratic leaders at the national, state and local level and we have helped scores of progressive advocacy groups sharpen and elevate their issues – on healthcare, the environment, civil rights and equal rights and gun safety.


We work to tell the stories that move opinions. It’s about more than just giving advice, it’s about working hand in hand to develop a plan, cultivate a message and execute a strategy. We are the best in the business at providing our clients with information and data to empower them to engage targeted audiences and win campaigns. On public policy matters, we work to enhance visibility and influence targeted audiences.



We work with companies to grow market share, sharpen messaging and improve reputation. We have developed strategies for some of the world’s leading companies, and link the discipline of an election-winning approach with creative insights into reputation drivers and decision-making.

GQR advises companies, institutions and associations on brand development, reputation planning and strategic communications.

Our approach uses the same foundation – battle-tested strategies together with identifying key drivers of reputation – to help our clients achieve their goals. Informed by our campaign experience, we use opinion research to explore shifting landscapes and chart a distinctive positioning.