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We need leadership that can bring people together – John Hickenlooper has that experience.

GQR is proud to be part of John Hickenlooper’s campaign for President of the United States. Our team is experienced in moving candidates across the finish line for every position on the ballot.  We are excited to help kick-off this campaign using our skilled team to create an integrated campaign that inspires action.

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New op-ed for The Hill: In next election against populists, centrist forces already making mistakes

In a new op-ed for The Hill, GQR Vice President Brian Paler and Assistant Analyst Carly Meyerson argue that centrists are missing an opportunity to deliver the next blow in the May European Parliament elections.

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GQR Names Jiore Craig and Ethan Smith Vice Presidents

GQR is excited to announce the promotions of Senior Director of Digital Strategy Jiore Craig and Senior Associate and Director of State Legislative Programs Ethan Smith to become Vice Presidents in the firm.

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New Rosner op-ed for The Hill: The Democratic and Anti-Democratic Parties

This article was originally published in The Hill, December 23, 2018. A realignment of America’s two major parties is under way. It will not be mostly defined by demographics, as some analysts have suggested. Rather, it will be defined by ideas about democracy and the rule of law. To put it simply, we are headed...

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Lessons from 2018: Candidates and Campaigns Matter

Research led by GQR Partner Al Quinlan and Senior Associate Ben Winston. Read the original press release from DCCC here Democrats swept into the majority in the House in 2018, winning a net 40 seats and over 53 percent of the vote nationally – the largest ever margin of victory in a midterm election for either...

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