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Messaging the Russia Scandal

New research conducted by GQR, and sponsored by Stand Up America and Need to Impeach, finds that public perceptions of the Trump-Russia scandal and the Mueller report are now deeply muddied. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s dense and lawyerly report, combined with Attorney General William Barr’s misleading framing of that report, have left much of the public confused about the investigation’s results and conclusions.

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Study Shows Moms Say Breastfeeding is Healthier, But Comes with Significant Barriers

A new survey from bipartisan team GQR and Public Opinion Strategies finds that most mothers, fathers, and other caregivers choose breastmilk but also say it is important to make an informed choice about infant formula.

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New op-ed for The Hill: Harness the power of real people to combat disinformation in 2020

In a new op-ed for The Hill, GQR Analyst Carly Meyerson argues that to combat disinformation and artificial activity in 2020 and beyond, progressive campaigns must stop waiting for quick fixes like tech dashboards and platform self-regulation, and instead need to harness the power of real voters through smart digital organizing.

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New Vice Presidents Bolster Communications & Campaign Consulting at GQR

GQR is excited to announce new growth in its communications and campaign consulting services with the addition of Kelsey Suter and Jonathan Moakes as Vice Presidents.

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New op-ed for The Hill: Democrats should pay attention to Europe’s ‘green wave’

In a new op-ed for The Hill, GQR Vice President Jiore Craig highlights what US Democrats can learn from the surprise success of Green parties in the recent European Parliament elections.

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