Polling and Strategy for Domestic Campaigns

You want to make an impact and win your race—don’t leave it to chance.

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No polling and strategy firm has succeeded in more races and issue campaigns than GQR. Over and over, in the toughest, most competitive races, we have helped our clients campaign, win, govern, and win again. Starting with President Bill Clinton’s historic campaign in 1992, we have helped elect a generation of Democratic leaders at the national, state, and local level, and we have helped scores of progressive advocacy groups sharpen and elevate their issues – on healthcare, the environment, civil rights and equal rights, and gun safety. Over the last 16 years, 8 cycles, our record in US Senate races is 21-1. We don’t lose Senate races. Period. We’ve helped our clients beat 4 republican incumbents and helped them win 4 open seats. We pride ourselves in the accuracy of our data and the depth of our strategic insights; we are continually on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovation to help our clients get the answers they need.

At GQR, we are more than just pollsters; we are strategic partners who work closely with our clients to develop and maintain a winning message amid intense campaign environments. We help translate the results of your research into the concrete steps a campaign needs to take to succeed. Our victories include a “who’s who” of diverse progressive champions, including current US Senators, over a dozen House members, 3 Democratic governors, and the current mayors of New York, Seattle, Philadelphia and Detroit.

In 2018, we helped Democrats win and flip 9 competitive GOP-held Congressional seats, including 4 originally rated as “safe Republican” and another 4 rated as “likely Republican.” In 2016, we helped elect Senator Maggie Hassan over one of the country’s most popular Republicans. We helped Bill de Blasio move from dark horse to the Mayor of New York City. We helped secure Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s victory, the only Democratic pickup in 2014, and helped him win re-election in 2018. And we helped elevate Michelle Lujan Grisham to Congress over nationally-backed primary competitors in 2012, and to the Governor’s mansion 6 years later, becoming the first Democratic Latina Governor in the county. We helped flip state legislative chambers in 3 states.

Whether you are running for state legislature or President of the United States, GQR’s strategic, actionable, and accurate research will help you get there.


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