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We start with science and use our opinion research to identify opportunities and weaknesses in a brand’s image, reputation, and messaging.

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We work with companies to grow market share, sharpen messaging, and improve reputation. We have developed strategies for some of the world’s leading companies, and link the discipline of an election-winning approach with creative insights into reputation drivers and decision-making.

GQR advises companies, institutions, and associations on brand development, reputation planning, and strategic communications.

Our approach uses the incisive focus of election-winning strategies together with identifying key drivers of reputation. Informed by our campaign experience, we use opinion research to explore shifting landscapes and chart a distinctive positioning.

We have worked with some of the world’s most iconic companies, including Microsoft, BP, Willis Towers Watson, and Boeing.




Many firms offer market research, tracking brand awareness, preference, and favorability of companies and organizations. GQR goes far beyond. Rather than simply reporting out on current perceptions of a brand, GQR measures and tests strategies to enhance reputation, brand, or product.

Connecting to values

Today, information alone is not enough to change opinions.  What is critical is to connect to deep-seated values. Informed by insights into voter behavior and decision-making, GQR maps out attitudes against core values.

Uncovering reputation drivers

People’s views on brands and issues are rarely linear – which makes it hard to measure reputation through direct questions.  We deploy a range of methodologies to unearth drivers of reputation, and explore what’s in the background as well as foreground.

Our layered understanding of how people look at your brand or issue enables us to identify how to grow, win support, or increase motivation.


GQR has worked across sectors, and brings detailed knowledge of the dynamics at play in business. Our core areas of expertise:

  • Health and wellness
  • Management consulting
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Financial and professional services, including B2B services
  • Telecom, media and technology
  • Energy and utilities
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Consumer Industries



GQR specializes in helping companies, institutions, and associations navigate change, whether that is competitive pressures, market reforms, or evolving societal expectations.

Our work at the intersection of campaigns and public policy around the world allows us to bring a unique perspective to how voter expectations impact business.

Our services include:

  • Brand positioning and corporate identity
  • Reputation planning and assessment
  • Campaign and communications development
  • Thought leadership and policy studies
  • Stakeholder and opinion leader research
  • Employee and change communications
  • Issue and critical situation management
  • Public affairs research
  • Social mission and responsibility