TUC research reveals huge support for stronger workers’ rights

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

A new study carried out by GQR for the UK’s Trades Union Congress (TUC) shows that a significant majority of the public, including Conservative voters, want stronger workers’ rights.

The overwhelming majority of the public want to see rights in the workplace bolstered. Some key findings:

  • Eight in ten (79%) support protecting and enhancing all workers’ rights which have been retained since we left the EU
  • Three-quarters (76%) support boosting workers’ rights in the gig economy – this rises to 78% of those who intend to vote Conservative

Those who voted Conservative in 2019 but now intend to vote Labour at the next general election also back a boost to workers’ rights. Among other findings:

  • Three-quarters (73%) of this group support banning zero hours contracts
  • Eight in 10 (80%) support the introduction of ‘fair pay agreements’ across whole sectors to introduce minimum pay and rights floors in industries

The TUC says that the polling shows stronger workers’ rights is a “vote winner”, while ripping up labour laws is a “vote loser” – as well as a way to drive down living standards across the country.

GQR designed and carried out the survey of 3,040 adults in Great Britain. Fieldwork was conducted online with results weighted to the national profile of working people by gender, age, region, social grade, ethnicity, employment, union membership, education and 2019 GE vote. The BAME segment was also weighted internally by age, gender, region and ethnicity.

Data tables for the poll are available to download HERE.

For more information, contact Peter McLeod, on Twitter @mcleodp or pmcleod@gqrr.com