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When you do big things, you should tell people about them. Look at some of our recent work.

Talking Affirmatively about Crime & Safety is a Winning Strategy for Candidates

GQR Releases New Poll: Tuberville’s Attack on Military Families and Gamble With Our National Security

DSCC Releases New Poll: Abortion in Senate Battleground States

Crime and the Race for Chicago’s Next Mayor

New GQR poll for HRC finds Equality voters stopped the red-wave

GQR 2022 Toplines

Held 4 US Senate Seats – Re-elected 5 Frontline US House Members
– Held 3 Open US House Seats – Elected 2 Women Governors –
– Elected 2 Women Secretaries of State –
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Updates from Coast to Coast

Strong Support in New Hampshire For Guaranteed Access to Paid Leave For All U.S. Workers

TUC research reveals huge support for stronger workers’ rights

Major Research Explores the Country’s Understanding of—and Reaction to—Political Violence.

GQR poll finds strong majority of Americans support regulating corporate ESG disclosures

New national poll by GQR for Omidyar Network finds a 67% to 32% majority of registered voters support requiring large corporations to measure and publish their impacts on workers, communities and the environment.

New poll for NWLC details the challenges women still face two years into the pandemic in both reentering, and thriving in, the workforce – and what can be done about it.

GQR names Lindsey Reynolds Senior Partner

GQR study shows Europeans are ready for climate action

A new study of France, Germany, and Great Britain carried out by GQR for Climate Policy and Strategy Associates shows broad acceptance that climate change is a crisis requiring major action.

TUC: Abusive use of zero-hours contracts is increasing

One-sided flexibility: BAME workers suffer most

Strong support for boost in workers’ rights in the UK


Albert Morales Joins GQR as Vice President

A UW professor explains why the GOP, even now, just can’t quit Trump