Talking Affirmatively about Crime & Safety is a Winning Strategy for Candidates

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

A new survey conducted by GQR and Vera Action of voters nationally and in battleground states shows that candidates should not shy away from talking about crime and safety and offers a new message framework for candidates for elective office.  While voters tend to trust Republicans more on crime, Democrats also have an opportunity to address voters’ most pressing concerns about violent crime and community safety.

The poll shows that most voters want leaders to offer a comprehensive approach that addresses violent crime and illegal guns while investing in services that stop crime before it happens such as mental health and drug treatment services.  When candidates employ a comprehensive approach, they are speaking to blocs of voters both parties would like to engage or win over, including Black women, independent women and younger voters. Indeed, when both parties engage in a back and forth on crime, Democrats improve their image as the party that is keeping communities safe.

Find the full survey memo HERE.