In 1992, the Governor of Arkansas was just one of many candidates running for the Democratic nomination for President—to win, he needed ideas and a strategy to help him break through the primaries and take on George H. W. Bush.


Perhaps no other political campaign in modern history has had a greater impact on the way campaigns are now run than Bill Clinton's campaign for the Presidency in 1992. And it was Stan Greenberg, the pollster who had helped Clinton win re-election as Arkansas Governor in 1990, who was one of the core strategists working on the ideas, themes, and daily strategy behind Clinton's campaign. Greenberg's strategic research helped the Clinton team shape the campaign, overcome hurdles, and beat the other candidates with ideas as well as at the ballot box. This made Greenberg the first pollster to help take a Democrat all the way from the Iowa caucuses to the White House.


Greenberg Quinlan Rosner used a complete array of campaign research solutions, including benchmark and tracking surveys, focus groups, and dial meter testing to help Bill Clinton win the White House.

Stan Greenberg with Bill Clinton at the White House in the 1990s.

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