Greenberg Quinlan Rosner congratulates Ilir Meta and the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) on their historic victory in Albania’s parliamentary election on Sunday. GQR Digital, along with GQR veteran strategist John Moreira, were proud to provide polling, message strategy, and digital strategy to Meta and LSI during this campaign.

As part of the victory by the opposition coalition, LSI quadrupled the number of seats it held in parliament, solidifying its role as an integral part of the leadership needed to move Albania forward.

During the campaign, LSI boosted its support in part through authentic and direct engagement of voters, through a highly targeted campaign on Facebook and other social media.  LSI’s campaign connected with voters by focusing intensely on their employment concerns and providing a compelling vision and plan for job creation.

"Meta and LSI achieved an impressive victory on Sunday," said Patrick Faust, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner’s Director of Digital Strategies. "We wish them the best as they work to execute their vision of ‘Moving Forward Faster,’ creating jobs and better opportunities for all of Albania’s people.”