Our Team

Our team’s strategic insights and advice help political campaigns fight and win tough primaries and general elections. Their skillful analysis determines political trends and attitudes both home and abroad. The tools this team has in their arsenal will impress you.

Anna Greenberg

Managing Partner

Anna Greenberg, Ph.D. has over 20 years of experience polling in the political, non-profit and academic sectors. She joined GQR in 2001 after teaching public opinion and survey research methodology at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Jeremy Rosner

Managing Partner

Jeremy Rosner, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading consultants for political parties, candidates, governments, NGOs, and corporate leaders around the globe. He specializes in using sophisticated public opinion research to help leaders and organizations worldwide design and implement winning political and communications strategies.

Al Quinlan


Al Quinlan is a Partner at GQR, delivering strategic consulting and issue management to political campaigns, issue groups, and companies. He has extensive experience conducting strategic research focusing on many issues, including health care, education, energy, and media consumption for both public and private sector organizations.

Elizabeth Sena

Partner | Managing Director of GQR Canada

Elizabeth Sena has more than a decade of experience polling in the political, public affairs and strategic communications sector. As a partner, she provides research backed strategic advice to political campaigns, companies, and public affair groups. Sena also heads the analytics practice and is the Managing Director of GQR Canada.

Senior Leadership

Lindsey Reynolds

Chief Operating & Financial Officer | Data Protection Officer

Veteran political strategist Lindsey Reynolds is known in political circles for her shrewd judgment and her ability to get things done. Reynolds joined GQR as Chief Operating & Financial Officer in 2017, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in political and campaign management at the national, state, and local level.

Christopher S. Parker

Senior Advisor

Christopher Sebastian Parker, Ph.D. serves as a Senior Adviser at GQR, and is the Stuart A. Scheingold Professor of Social Justice and Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington. The author of three books and numerous scholarly articles, Dr. Parker's research takes a behavioral approach to race and historical events.

David Walker

Senior Vice President

David Walker advises issue campaigns and domestic political campaigns for GQR and 2018 marked his 30th year as a public opinion researcher.  Walker has helped elect some of the leading Democrats of our time, including Governor’s Mark Dayton and Tom Wolf, Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Walker has also fought for equality issues with the Human Rights Campaign, helped lead the firm’s efforts to modernize the nation’s marijuana laws, advocated gun violence prevention with Giffords (formerly Americans for Responsible Solutions) and other state groups and leads the firm’s work for the Small Business Majority. 

Don Guy

Vice President

Don Guy has been described as a “legendary political strategist”, a “brilliant strategist” and a “policy wizard” who has a unique understanding of the nexus between communication and policy. He is pleased to return home to Pollara as owner and Chief Strategist.

Peter McLeod

Senior Advisor

Peter McLeod serves as a Senior Advisor at GQR and leads on research and strategic consulting for corporate, political and non-profit clients across Europe. Peter has worked in 19 countries spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. His advice to clients on campaign strategy, reputation, and brand and issues management is built on deep qualitative and quantitative insights into both public opinion and elite audiences.

Albert Morales

Vice President

Albert Morales is a Vice President at GQR, where he uses his years of political experience to advance the interests of our clients. Morales has an extensive network throughout the country and across Washington that allow him to secure timely intelligence, gain rare insight into the inner workings of political leaders, and help position clients for success.

Brian Paler

Vice President

Brian Paler is a Vice President at GQR, where he provides strategic advice to progressive US and international campaigns, businesses, and organizations. He has conducted hundreds of research projects in a dozen countries, with a specialty on building winning campaigns and countering disinformation.  His public opinion and social listening research regularly contributes to counter disinformation efforts for the White House, Democratic Party, and progressive groups across the Democratic ecosystem. His surveys have been highly accurate in some of the most difficult places on earth to do research, including Iraq, Yemen, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Ethan Smith

Vice President

Ethan Smith is a Vice President and trained focus group moderator at GQR. Ethan joined GQR in 2015 after leading the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee. As caucus director, Ethan oversaw historic fundraising in the minority, an unprecedented number of women candidates recruited, and improvements in the caucus’s field operation and member engagement. Prior to his work with the PA HDCC, Ethan worked on campaigns at all levels across the country.

Kelsey Suter

Vice President

Kelsey Suter is a Vice President at GQR, where she executes PR and strategic communications strategies guided by opinion research. Kelsey is a data-driven communicator with a global background who has advised sitting prime ministers and foreign governments, embassies, democracy-building NGOs, and multinational corporations.