We need leadership that can bring people together – John Hickenlooper has that experience.

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

GQR is proud to be part of John Hickenlooper’s campaign for President of the United States. Our nation is facing a crisis. Donald Trump is threatening our democracy and who we are as Americans. He is dividing us, stripping people of their healthcare, destroying our environment, transferring billions away from the middle class, and alienating our allies.

Defeating him is necessary.

But, it is not sufficient.

We need leadership that can bring people together, get them to listen to each other, and work together to achieve progressive goals. John Hickenlooper has that experience: expanding healthcare to nearly 95% of Coloradans, bringing environmentalists and the oil and gas industry together to create the strongest methane regulations in the country, and beating the NRA. All while turning Colorado into the number one economy in the nation.

As President, Hickenlooper will establish healthcare as a right, transition our nation to a renewable economy, build skills and training support for the 70 percent of people who do not go to college, and renew this nation’s commitment to civil rights and social justice.

Learn more about what John believes in here.

Hickenlooper is surrounded by a team with, as NY Magazine describes it, “high-profile political talent” in Anna Greenberg and Jeremy Rosner. Our team is experienced in moving candidates across the finish line for every position on the ballot.  We are excited to help kick-off this campaign using our skilled team to create an integrated campaign that inspires action.