Reclaiming Native Truth:  A Project to Dispel Myths and Misconceptions

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Friday, June 29th, 2018


Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is proud to have partnered with the First Nations Development Institute, Echo Hawk Consulting, as well as other consultants and researchers, to provide critical public opinion research behind a recently released report called Reclaiming Native Truth:  A Project to Dispel Myths and Misconceptions. 

This ground breaking research involved analysis of two literature reviews, 38 focus groups, 45 in-depth interviews, over 13,000 national surveys completed, and nearly 5 million social media posts. This work aimed first to measure then to change core assumptions and presumptions about America’s First Peoples.

Some key findings:

  • Americans understate the level of discrimination facing Native Peoples.
  • This community also can draw on several key assets: respect for Native American commitment to family, appreciation for Native American contributions to our national culture, and broad—if also not fully appreciated—understanding of the tragic history between Native American peoples and the federal government.
  • Most Americans believe we should “do more” to help Native peoples and support most Native American policy goals, most notably, sovereign control of their own land and water.

  • Narratives designed to move perceptions of Native American found considerable traction in the final phase of this research.  

Please visit for the complete report and additional details about this project.