New op-ed for The Hill: Harness the power of real people to combat disinformation in 2020

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Read the full article in The HillĀ here

In a new op-ed for The Hill, GQR Analyst Carly Meyerson argues that to combat disinformation and artificial activity in 2020 and beyond, progressive campaigns must stop waiting for quick fixes like tech dashboards and platform self-regulation, and instead need to harness the power of real voters through smart digital organizing. Building meaningful relationships with voters online is the only way to inoculate them from disinformation. For progressives to engage in meaningful digital organizing in 2020, they must make three adjustments to how they view digital strategy. First, they must prioritize two-way engagement over one-way broadcasting. Second, they must rethink social media as a measure of public opinion. And finally, progressives must prioritize courting voters with high online social capital.