New GQR Poll Shows Americans Want More Regulation of Tech Companies

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

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WASHINGTON – Today, Campaign for Accountability (CfA), released the results of a new poll showing voters support increased regulation of internet and technology companies.  The poll also found that Americans believe internet and technology companies have a negative impact on many aspects of society, particularly privacy.

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CfA Executive Director Daniel E. Stevens said, “Americans are concerned about the power and influence of the world’s largest tech companies.  Polling data shows people feel like they have no control over the information collected about them online, and they want the government to do something about it.  It’s time for Washington to wake up and rein in Silicon Valley.”

CfA commissioned a national phone poll of 1,001 registered voters from June 11-19, 2018.  The results of the poll indicate voters are alarmed about various aspects of internet and technology companies.  For instance, majorities say internet and technology companies have a negative effect on personal safety and privacy.  Additionally, 46 percent of voters think the impact of internet and technology companies on society is negative compared to 37 percent who think it is positive.  Voters believe internet companies have been good for the economy and decreased consumer prices.


Voters were asked about their impressions of the most prominent internet companies – Facebook, Google and Amazon.  Sixty three percent do not trust Facebook to obey the law when it comes to protecting their personal information.  People like connecting with friends and family on the platform, but 29 percent believe Facebook allows fake news and misinformation to spread too easily.

Voters expressed more support for Google and Amazon, praising their convenience and low-cost products.  Again, though, privacy remains a concern.  Twenty six percent, and 24 percent, respectively, were concerned with the companies’ personal assistants, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.  Thirty three percent of voters believe Amazon damages local retailers.

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One takeaway from the poll is that the more voters learn about these internet giants, the more they favor increased regulation.  This holds true for Republicans and Democrats alike.  Ultimately, 73 percent favor increased regulation while only six percent believe there should be less regulation.

Stevens continued, “The poll results demonstrate that Americans are concerned that internet companies do not protect their data. Our elected leaders need to stop dithering and work together to address these problems.”

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