New GQR poll for HRC finds Equality voters stopped the red-wave

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Read the original press release from HRC: HERE

A newly published post-election survey conducted by GQR on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sheds light on one major reason why Republicans fell so short of expectations in the 2022 cycle. This research highlights a group of “Equality Voters”—a group of voters modeled to support LGBTQ+ equality–numbering 62 million nationwide.

Equality Voters delivered huge Democratic margins up and down the ballot.

  • An 81 percent majority of Equality Voters supported Democratic House candidates.
  • A 79 percent majority supported Democratic candidates for Governor.
  • Fully 79 percent of Equality Voters supported Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate.  Oversamples in key battleground states—AZ, NV, PA, GA—make plain that the Senate would have been lost to the GOP absent the intensity of support among these voters.

Moreover, right-wing efforts to gain political traction by attacking the transgender community failed.  In this survey, we asked voters which specific issues motivated them to vote this year. Inflation (52 percent) and abortion (29 percent) rank first and second on this list. Less than 5 percent identify issues impacting the transgender community.  Even among Republicans, this issue falls to the bottom of motivating issues.

Republicans lost in 2022 because they nominated extreme candidates who advocated extreme positions. Continued resistance to marriage equality—supported by 61 percent of all voters in tis survey and 81 percent of Equality voters—suggest they have not learned this lesson.