GQR study shows Europeans are ready for climate action

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

A new study of France, Germany, and Great Britain carried out by GQR for Climate Policy and Strategy Associates shows broad acceptance that climate change is a crisis requiring major action.

Climate change is seen as a major priority for the government’s agenda in Germany, second only to pensions and benefits, while in France and Britain, it’s a mid-ranking priority. Voters of all parties embrace action on climate, although strongly prioritizing it is associated with being left wing and voting for left parties. The study shows strong support for climate action:

  • Pluralities or majorities want their countries to lead on climate action, even if other big polluting countries do not.
  • Pluralities or majorities want their government to prioritize climate change in the post-COVID economic recovery.

Results show that Macron, Merkel, and Johnson’s climate initiatives and messaging help boost their government’s rating on handling climate change. However, none sees a boost in their personal job approval ratings.

Businesses also have an opportunity to raise their standing: CEOs of major companies who acknowledge the crisis and say business must change are admired – much more so than CEOs in general.

GQR designed and carried out three nationally representative surveys of 2,000 people aged 18 and over in France, Germany, and Great Britain. Fieldwork was conducted online from June 14-21, with results weighted to national demographics and past voting behavior.

Slide decks of the results from each study area are available to download below:

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