Is there a relationship between Facebook likes and political donations?

When users click the “like” button on a candidate’s Facebook page, they connect their social network to that of the campaign. What can that mean? The users themselves are connected to candidates, their campaign statements, and their fundraising appeals, but also, their social network friends can follow their interactions with the campaign. The potential for exponential growth through social connections is obvious.


Facebook likes can be a measure of a candidate's ability to connect with voters and potential donors. Is there any significant correlation between the number of likes a candidate has and their fundraising totals? Do candidates with more likes have more successful fundraising cycles? Yes. Our data from the end of Q2 shows this, pictured above.


GQR Digital has tools that can collect data from social networks and online databases, allowing us to investigate the real effectiveness of new campaign tools and to map out the contours and the extent of the online political world. Further observation and research will allow us to find out if acceleration in a campaign’s online presence pays dividends with donations and votes.