New Hampshire Voters Strongly Oppose Repealing Law that Allows Gay and Lesbian Couples to Marry


In the wake of the change in leadership in the state legislature, there has been an active effort to repeal the law that allows gay and lesbian couples in New Hampshire to marry. Our recent survey, however, shows that Granite State voters strongly support marriage for gay and lesbian couples and strongly oppose overturning the law. Nine out of ten voters across the political spectrum want the state legislature to focus on economic, not social, issues.

Key Findings

  • There is strong support for marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
  • Opposition to repeal crosses partisan and demographic lines.
  • There is support for marriage for gay and lesbian couples despite conservative political environment.
  • Voters prefer that the governor and legislature focus on economic issues.

Please read the full memo and results for in-depth information. The New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition press release is also available. 


A survey of 622 New Hampshire voters conducted between January 30 and February 3, 2011. It carries a margin of error of +/- 3.9 points. The 622 voters includes a statewide representative sample of 525 registered voters, with an oversample of 97 voters in the Manchester, Salem, and Nashua area.

Sources: Anna Greenberg and Melissa Egelsky

Client: New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition