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We provide clients with secure, online dashboards to view and interact with their data. Online dashboards allow clients, and any partners they may designate, to access data and analysis at all times. Because they are structured to integrate multiple forms of data, our dashboards offer a 360 degree picture and strategic insights all in one place. Reports, public polling, maps, interactive visualizations, social media feeds and other kinds of information can all be included on these convenient online portals.

Our dashboards have multiple levels of security. They utilize two-factor authentication for secure access and allow different permissions by user, so that clients can determine how their data is used.


GQR has been at the forefront of advanced techniques to dig deeper into the data and provide additional insight beyond traditional cross tabs. These include multi-level regression and post-stratification (MRP), used to produce accurate state-level estimates from national-level data. This enables organizations to get more from their national polling data than ever before and aid in state battles. We employ Max-Diff to measure the best issues, messages, or traits to drive vote choice, regression analysis to determine the messages that drive public opinion, accounting for demographic factors and cluster analysis to identify groups of voters, based on values or issues, among others.

Project permitting, we combine multiple survey datasets to do a deeper dive into subgroups, to deliver a richer analysis. This provides clients a cost efficient way to get more analysis and information from their data.


We use our strategic and analytical experience to design modeling and micro-targeting programs for campaigns. Cookie cutter analytics, such as standard support scores, often miss the strategic imperatives of a campaign. We use the results of the polling data to make recommendations on the types of custom models most beneficial for each campaign.