What we do best: creating compelling messages that evoke emotion and move your audience to action.

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We work to tell the stories that move opinions. We have developed communications strategies for winning campaigns, progressive advocacy groups, and leading brands. GQR generates hypotheses, tests frames, oversees executions – and then leads data-driven strategies focused on key targets.

GQR works with political campaigns, global businesses, and advocacy organizations to test, create, and implement winning communication strategies. Our approach starts with opinion research: what messages work? Which messengers are most effective? Who are the key targets? What is the most effective medium?

We help our clients get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to advertising and communications. Our clients want to put their resources behind communication strategies proven to move opinions.

Our work on political campaigns means we are battle-tested: writing daily talking points, stump speeches, rapid response, TV and digital advertising, and coaching for press and interviews. We use these skills to provide the same for leading brands and advocacy organizations.