Building Patience for Post-Communist Reforms: Vlad Filat and the PLDM


After eight years of Communist rule, Vlad Filat and his Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) won power in 2009 promising bold reforms. But in one of Europe’s poorest countries, PLDM faced high levels of public frustration and impatience over widespread poverty and corruption – and was forced to face an early election in 2010, due to a constitutional crisis, and then another election in 2014. Filat’s PLDM needed campaign and communication strategies that would sustain public patience and preserve Moldova’s new pro-European orientation.   



PLDM turned to Dr. Jeremy Rosner and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner in both its 2010 and 2014 campaigns to conduct focus groups and surveys, design advertising campaigns, oversee online strategies, and craft winning campaign plans. In the 2010 race, GQR’s strategies and communications helped PLDM win more than 29% of the vote – its best result ever. Over the next four years, the PLDM-led government helped Moldova make giant strides toward Europe, including ratification of an Association Agreement with the EU, even as Russia put great pressure on Moldova, Ukraine, and other countries in the region not to embrace a Westward orientation. In 2014, GQR helped PLDM once again win the most votes of any of Moldova’s three pro-European parties; by turning the PLDM campaign into a referendum on Moldova’s European Future, GQR’s strategies helped mobilize public support for EU membership, which contributed to PLDM and the other pro-European parties winning enough seats to create the next government.  


In both 2010 and 2014, GQR worked with PLDM leaders and staff and the party’s other consultants to provide advice on strategy, message, advertising, mail, targeting, and digital communications, based on benchmark surveys, tracking surveys, and focus groups.