In the hours after the polls closed the TUC and GQRR put a survey into the field to help understand the challenges Labour faces. Our initial analysis of the data, published by the New Statesman, is here.

Here we have published the data interactively and available for anyone who wants to dig in. First, choose what type of question you’re interested from the menu below. Then select the specific question you interested in, and what subgroups you want to compare. Share and download the graphs you create using the “Download” button in the bottom right. We will be adding more data in the coming weeks.

Voting Intention | Policy Positions | Important Issues | Party Attributes | Policies | Reasons and Doubts

GQRR conducted an online poll of 4669 respondents in Great Britain. The survey fielded from 10pm on 7 May to 12 May.

The data was weighted to be nationally representative across age, gender, region, ethnicity and social grade. The data was further weighted such that voters’ reported vote in the survey matches the real result in the 2015 election.

The sample contained a boosted total of 979 respondents in Scotland, weighted down to be nationally representative, giving a weighted total of 4049 respondents.

  • The full text of the poll and the topline responses are available here.
  • The full data tables are available here.