Oscar Portillo-Meza

Dir. of Spanish Language Digital Research

team member image

Oscar Portillo serves as Director of Spanish Language Digital Research at GQR. In this role, he works alongside progressive advocacy groups and coalitions to better understand the political conversations of diverse communities across social platforms in the US and abroad. His work helps to map disinformation narratives, identify their root causes, and offer strategic insight to leading political operations on how to best counter and respond to digital threats in the modern age.

Prior to joining GQR, Oscar worked to organize voters across the US in the 2020 election, including in the battleground states of Florida and Georgia. His broad experience includes work for high-profile clients at a strategic communications and public affairs firm, more than a year of voter rights advocacy at a national non-profit, and a financial company on Wall Street. At the University of South Florida, he studied history, economics, and political science.

When not at work, Oscar spends time listening to a broad range of podcasts discussing global affairs.