Jonathan Moakes

Vice President

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Jonathan Moakes joined GQR’s London office as Vice President after working as both the Chief Executive and Chief Strategist for the Democratic Alliance (DA), the official opposition in South Africa.

He is a multi-skilled organisational leader and an expert in strategy, communications, fundraising and campaign management, having delivered successful election results for the DA in South Africa, running its past four election campaigns, and has consulted to political parties and organisations in Brazil, Botswana, Ukraine, the Philippines and Zanzibar.

Jonathan specializes in transforming strategic insights and messaging recommendations from qualitative and quantitative research into actionable campaign plans focused on delivering a core message in volume and over time to the identified target market. He has significant experience in campaign execution having mastered all key components of modern election campaigns – Fundraising, Earned (Free) Media, Paid Media, Digital Campaigning, Field Organisation, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), Voter Registration Campaigns and Election Day and Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) operations.