Ethan Smith

Vice President

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Ethan Smith is a Vice President and trained focus group moderator at GQR.

Ethan joined GQR in 2015 after leading the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee. As caucus director, Ethan oversaw historic fundraising in the minority, an unprecedented number of women candidates recruited, and improvements in the caucus’s field operation and member engagement. Prior to his work with the PA HDCC, Ethan worked on campaigns at all levels across the country.

In 2018, Ethan helped win 3 new state legislative majorities and pick up dozens of seats across 6 chambers in Washington, Connecticut, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. Ethan also helped flip 4 congressional seats in Washington, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Ethan majored in Political Science and History at the University of Pittsburgh. His paper on how the different legal systems of Scotland and England affected the outcome of witchcraft trials in Great Britain is available upon request.