Cameron Shore

Assistant Analyst

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Cameron Shore is an Assistant Analyst at GQR where he is beginning his career in public opinion research. Before arriving at GQR, he worked in organizing where he trained volunteers and was part of Harley Rouda’s 2018 team, where Rouda advanced to the general election by a mere 125 votes over the California Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate. Cameron also interned at the Human Rights Campaign where he produced qualitative research on upcoming elections. Following his graduation from Cal State Fullerton in 2020, where he earned a BA in Political Science, he was an organizer for the DCCC where he recruited the most volunteers during the two months he was on the campaign.

Cameron’s favorite sport is basketball and he was the Statistician and Team Manager for his high school’s boys basketball team for five seasons, in which he provided insight and valuable information to the coaches for 127 varsity games.