Our Work

Clients come to us for solutions. Whether it is a long-shot political candidate struggling to find a message for voters, a business building a brand, or a non-profit trying to compete for attention and funding from a harried donor class, clients with questions find answers at GQR.

Pandemic Pollwatch

As the coronavirus pandemic galvanizes global attention and dominates concern of publics world-wide, GQR is analyzing available data on global opinion on COVID-19.

Driving the Narrative for the DCCC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee played a larger, more effective role in 2018 cycle than in almost any previous cycle in our Party’s history. 

Restoring Trust for a Threatened Press

GQR, with its long history of supporting press freedoms and organizations in the US and globally, partnered with a Republican firm to conduct focus groups and a poll around these issues.

Flipping the Script in Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Wolf won reelection with a commanding 58 percent of the vote share in a seemingly easy skate to reelection. However, the scale of Wolf’s victory belies how far the Wolf campaign had come and represents the culmination of a political strategy that began two years before this race was truly engaged.

Electing Tina Smith in Minnesota

The special election for Senate in Minnesota in 2018 offered a unique set of circumstances. Guided by GQR’s early research, Smith and her team put together a three-stage strategy to not only win in 2018, but prepare for a 2020 re-election campaign.

Analyzing online threats in 2018 

In the final weeks ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, as Republican seats looked increasingly imperiled, many campaigns and activists reported a flood of online attacks on progressive candidates – often misleading, savage, and incendiary. GQR rapidly processed over 500,000 social media posts relevant to races and voters in Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin. With access to a social media data through a dashboard firehose and historical knowledge to expedite manual listening and pattern recognition among publicly available social media data on platforms with more restricted access like Facebook and Instagram, GQR conducted network and threat analysis to identify coordinated digital activity.

Battling Against Russian Electoral Interference

The 2016 elections thrust Russian electoral interference into the spotlight in the US. In GQR’s work for pro-Western leaders across Central Europe, GQR has relied on key strategies for battling the Kremlin playbook of deception, distraction, and subversion.

Protecting and promoting democracy at home and abroad

The world is witnessing the greatest challenge to democracy since the Cold War, and this phenomenon has not spared the United States. To help provide answers, a bi-partisan consortium including Freedom House, the George W. Bush Institute, and the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement commissioned GQR and a Republican polling firm to conduct research of Americans’ attitudes on our democracy and on support for democracy in American foreign policy. 

Promoting democracy and inclusion in Iraq after ISIS’s defeat

The liberation of Iraq from ISIS in 2017 may have introduced a fragile sense of security, but it also created major questions about what led to the success of ISIS in the first place and what needs to be done to make sure extremist groups do not return. GQR carried out a series of focus groups and nationwide surveys that produced deep insights into what views Iraqis from different communities share, and how best to bridge divides on key issues where they do not.