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Matthew Foster is an Assistant Analyst on the Analytics team at GQR. Matt’s experience in politics and education has given him the opportunity to witness, internalize, and make sense of the disparities and inequities we see in society and politics.  It is this appreciation of the role education plays in overcoming these hurdles, whether it was his time teaching and coaching for the District of Columbia Public School system to his time teaching Kindergarten in Seoul that has been an integral part of his developing world view.  As an academic surveying the Spanish acequias and family owned farms in Colorado’s San Luis Valley or analyzing the role identity has played in elections for countries such as Zambia and Britain, his research has given him an understanding and insight into how such inequity structures economic and political outcomes. 

Prior to joining GQR, Matt graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a PhD in Political Science, where he studied and taught the role identity plays in voting behavior and the economy.  Matt is excited to utilize his extensive methodological training to help the candidates, parties, government leaders, corporations, and advocacy groups that GQR represents.