Click on the labels below to explore the data from GQR’s latest survey on the EU Referendum for The Fabian Society.

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GQRR fielded a poll with the Fabian Society and their partners, to help understand public attitudes on the European Union and assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the arguments deployed by the Remain and Leave campaigns.

Here we have published the data interactively for anyone to explore. Firstly, choose a question type from the menu below. Then select the specific question you are interested in, and the subgroups you want to compare. Share and download the graphs you create using the “Download” button in the bottom right.

To see James Morris’ analysis of the data published in the Times click here.


GQRR conducted an online poll of 2282 respondents in Great Britain. The survey fielded from March 4th-11th 2016.

The data was weighted to be nationally representative across age, gender, region, ethnicity, social grade and past vote. 

  • The full text of the poll and the topline responses are available here.
  • The full data tables are available here.
  • Charts of topline results are available here.