Digital & Social Media

We work with international and US campaigns to employ best practices to advance campaign goals. Our strategies put technology to use to make sense of social media networks, to bring your message to the forefront, and to move your audience to action. We help our clients with a wide variety of digital support.

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our approach

Years before the 2016 US election, GQR’s digital team developed a deep understanding of social networks and digital based on our work in more than 100 countries. We identified how foreign and domestic actors worked to impact elections using an international playbook of social media tactics to persuade, influence, and divide voters. We saw that Democratic digital strategies were far ahead in some areas, but in others, innovation fell short. We have been working to close the gaps in digital strategies ever since.

We help clients create digital strategies to…

  • Listen to social media conversation as an important gauge of public opinion
  • Offer voters meaningful online engagement that builds trusted relationships
  • Organize networks of supporters to make a message louder
  • Treat trusted messengers and influencers as a valuable campaign asset
  • Counter disinformation without amplifying negative narratives


social listening & network analysis

GQR has developed industry-leading social listening practices, which we use to help clients assess positive and negative sentiment on social media, and to track messages and networks. Our smart social listening work won a 2021 Reed Award for Best New Research Technique.

As pollsters, our social listening is informed by – and informs – our public opinion research. We believe online sentiment is an under-studied source of public opinion data. We use a range of tools in addition to manual monitoring across the platforms that matter most.

GQR is a leader in developing new strategies for fighting disinformation, and our team has become sought-after trainers and thought leaders in Democratic politics. At the same time, we know the importance of working with local partners who are on the ground and reach into local networks. We’ve partnered with and trained digital teams around the world on best practices for monitoring and response.



Campaigns and corporations now face a number of online threats to their success, including the pervasiveness of disinformation, overt attempts from domestic and foreign parties to mislead voters, and an increasingly challenging environment for monitoring and understanding what voters see and read online.

Our digital team is a leader in understanding how to deal with disinformation. We combine social media data, relational organizing, and rapid response techniques to help world leaders, global organizations, and political campaigns navigate and control their narrative online.