We help campaigns, organizations, and corporations make data-driven decisions. With so much information available, we help you cut through the clutter to understand what people want, how to reach them, what to say to them, and what will motivate them. Our decades of experience turning data into actionable advice will ensure you get the most out of your data.


GQR provides clients with more than simple polling analysis.  We are “data people.” One of the tools invaluable for campaigns and organization is analytics, whether it is modeling, in-depth analysis of multiple polling datasets, multivariate analysis or online dashboards which visualizes and provides access to all types of campaign data; polling, voter file, media buys or field data and IDs.

Online Dashboards with Interactive Visualizations

At an additional charge, our analytics department can provide clients with online dashboard to view their data, through custom-built interactive visualizations. The dashboard allows clients and their consultants to access data and analysis at all times. Because the dashboard can integrate multiple forms of campaign data, it allows campaigns to get a 360 degree picture and provides strategic insight in one place.  It provides an additional level of security around the data as it removes the need to email documents to people,  and removes the need for cumbersome banner books. The dashboard includes the ability to post all reports, public polls or other information.  Our dashboards have multiple level of security ensuring clients to control access to their data. Our online portal has the ability to limit access to information based on permissions.

GQR Analytics is one of the only firms that has successfully integrated polling, media, field, historical results and prediction data into an online dashboard. 

Advanced Statistical Analysis

GQR has long used advanced statistical techniques to dig deeper into the data and provide additional insight that traditional cross tabs do not. For example, we use regression analysis to determine the messages that drive public opinion, when accounting for factors such as partisanship, and cluster analysis to identify groups of voters, based on values or issues, or within demographic subgroups. GQR has also been at the forefront of advanced techniques such as multi-level regression and post-stratification methods to produce accurate state-level estimates from national-level data. This enables organizations to get more from their national polling data than ever before and aid in state battles. 

Modeling and Micro-targeting

We use our survey and analysis experience to work with campaigns to design modeling and micro-targeting programs. We have found that at times micro-targeting programs do not utilize the full strength of the information learned from polling.  Often the strategic imperatives for a campaign are lost when using cookie cutter analytics, such as standard support scores.  In addition, we have found that often down-ballot campaigns do not utilize the tools that are made available to them on the voter file.

We use the results of the polling data, in many cases the baseline survey, to make recommendations on the types of custom models we feel would be the most beneficial for the campaign.  

Combining Multiple Datasets

Project permitting, we combine multiple survey datasets to do a deeper dive into subgroups, to provide a richer analysis. This provides clients a cost efficient way to get more analysis and information from their data. Using cutting edge statistical techniques, we are able to learn more from the data, and determine what is driving opinion at a deeper level. For example, in a single poll it may be difficult to look at Hispanic women who identify as moderate Democrats.  Yet, over the course of several polls, it is possible to dig deeper and provide additional insight.

Digital for campaigns

GQR works with international campaigns to adopt best practices in digital to advance campaign goals. GQR assists international clients with a wide variety of digital support including:

  • Digital content production support
  • Digital earned media strategy
  • Digital campaign staff training
  • Online advertising and targeting strategy
  • Online mobilization tools and strategy
  • Online voter database development and management
  • Social media acquisition strategy
  • WhatsApp strategy and SMS strategy
  • Online rapid response capability
  • Effective websites


Social media listening

GQR uses social media to listen by looking at Facebook and Twitter conversations, post engagement, and influencer networks to better understand public opinion. Social listening supplements our qualitative and quantitative research package to create a more complete picture of how people are talking about issues, candidates, brands, and current events. Using an online data gathering tool, we provide an additional early indicator of whether online conversation, which interacts with public polls and mainstream media, is generally giving insights into the concerns of key voters or is mostly acting as an echo chamber that may be under representing critical opinion.

Campaigns around the world have touted the power of social media armies to spread their message and mobilize supporters. Our sense is that deep listening to social media conversation – similar to listening done in focus groups - to gauge implicit opinion captures much of what was missed in recent election with surprising results. To supplement qualitative listening, the GQR Digital team is using social media to enhance our ability to listening to help confirm or challenge findings from our research.

Case Studies