Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, was in the process of turning itself into a world-class hospital.  It had built South Jersey’s only Level 1 trauma center, was a leader in cutting-edge medical research and innovation, and had begun training the next generation of physicians. Yet Cooper still struggled to gain market share.

Through research with South Jersey health care decision makers we determined there were two factors holding people back from Cooper. First, its location in inner-city Camden had an intensely negative impact. Second, while many recognized Cooper as a good hospital, the allure of “world-class” care from well-known Philadelphia hospitals just a few minutes away presented stiff competition.

We realized that Cooper had to show people it could match, and even beat, the quality offered by the major Philadelphia hospitals, while allaying people’s fears about Camden.  With Cooper, we developed a two-pronged communication campaign.

First, Cooper emphasized its advantages: top-notch doctors, cutting-edge medical procedures, and a world-class trauma center.  It helped boost Cooper’s reputation with consumers and led people to start thinking about Cooper alongside the big name hospitals in Philadelphia.

Second, Cooper highlighted its philanthropic work to revitalize and restore Cooper’s Camden neighborhood.  This helped convince people they could feel safe while visiting the hospital.

We helped them build a reputation for outstanding care and grow their market share.