At 01:53 on Friday 8th May 2015, Marcus Jones was returned as MP for Nuneaton with an increased majority, and Labour realised it was staying in opposition. Civil servants could put down their copies of Labour’s manifesto - its plans would not be realized. Labour failed.

Nuneaton was one of twenty-three ultra-marginals the party had identified as crucial to determining whether Ed Miliband would be Prime Minister.  It will be just as important in 2020: if Labour is going to form the next government, it has to sway the people of Nuneaton.

To find out how Labour is progressing, we conducted two focus groups with key swing voters there.   All had voted for Labour in 2005 or 2010 but Conservative in 2015.

  • Download the full report here
  • Download transcripts: group 1 here, group 2 here
  • Download participants’ postcards to the Labour party: group 1 here, group 2 here

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