Legislation Not A Priority for Voters


Press Release
For Immediate Release
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MADISON – We Are Wisconsin released polling that shows right-to-work legislation falls to the bottom of the list of priorities for Governor Scott Walker and legislators. More importantly, a bare majority supports the idea of right-to-work laws at its highest point—without any information about the proposal. Support falls quickly with balanced messaging on both sides of the debate; and, after being presented with information that outlines the negative economic impacts for right-to-work states, support for the legislation plummets further. 
When asked to identify their top priorities for the Legislature only 4 percent of voters believe right-to-work should be a priority for the state.  Wisconsin voters place a much higher emphasis on priorities such as improving public schools (34 percent), raising the average income of Wisconsin workers (18 percent) and making health care more affordable and available (16 percent).  Additionally, 57 percent of voter agree that right-to-work laws distract from important issues like jobs and education.

Pollsters Anna Greenberg and Missy Egelsky describe the falling support for right-to-work legislation in Wisconsin:

“Tepid support for Right-to-Work legislation falls sharply after balanced information on the proposal. With a neutral description of Right-to-Work legislation, support achieves just a bare 50 percent majority, with 37 percent who oppose and another 13 percent who are uncertain. However, once voters hear balanced information on both sides of the issue, support for Right-to-Work legislation drops sharply, with a majority who oppose (42 percent) or are uncertain (11 percent) about the proposal compared to 46 percent who support the legislation. ”
Wisconsin voters clearly do not want Right-to-Work to be on the agenda at all right now, and they understand that this is legislation that will hurt, not help, Wisconsin workers and the state’s economy.

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