Read Stan Greenberg’s Op-Ed in Financial Times today.  Stan argues that conservatives are caught between the left and right on immigration.

Republicans in the US had not finished grieving over their election loss before they began to debate their party’s hardline stance on immigration Before the defeat, conservative governors had competed to make life miserable for illegal immigrants and harder for their legal compatriots to vote. Mitt Romney, the unsuccessful Republican nominee for president, had called on illegal immigrants to “self-deport”. Little wonder, then, that Barack Obama won 71 per cent of Latino and 75 per cent of Asian voters.

Suddenly, after the vote, serious Republicans announced they could live with comprehensive immigration reform that included a path to full US citizenship. Some Christian conservatives came out in support, too. Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, reminded his supporters that “Both David’s palace and Solomon’s temple were built with skilled artisans from Lebanon and elsewhere”.

This repositioning will not be pretty.

Read the rest of Stan Greenberg's op-ed in The Financial Times (free registration).