Obama regains lead in the race

The latest national likely voter survey for Democracy Corps has Obama back to a 49 to 46 percent lead, with 2 percent volunteering a third party candidate. 

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Obama’s messages on the future and progress resonating with voters

Democracy Corps conducted a special web survey this week testing an Obama ad featuring Morgan Freeman against Romney’s latest job creation ad as well as an Obama future plans spot against Romney’s economic plans ad. They looked at agreement, credibility, and memorability, and the impact on the key question of who would do a better job handling the economy.  In both video form and content the Obama ads scored more strongly than the Romney spots. 

Read the full memo at Democracy Corps

VIDEO: Stan Greenberg and James Carville on their latest survey

Stan Greenberg and James Carville explore in detail why they think their new national survey means more than many others – especially the Gallup poll that shows Romney ahead.

Watch the video here.

GQR Digital tracking tweets during tonight’s debate