The economic outlook could not be darker or more important. Voters’ economic mood and judgments about the leaders and parties on the economy are the main drivers and strongest predictors of the presidential and congressional votes in this survey. And which party is better on the economy is almost all that matters, which is why Democrats need to start winning this argument.

Although voters do not trust either party right now to create jobs, the Republicans are more trusted on the economy, business and big business, and spending and deficits. While the Republican brand and the Tea Party-controlled Republican House continue to tank, Republicans get a serious audience with voters when they talk about spending, deficits, small government and letting small business prosper. Democrats are losing the economic argument because right now voters do not see how increased spending helps the economy and they fear increased debt will prevent the economy from growing. But even with the economy this dark, there is a path for Democrats to get heard, as supported by this latest national survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for Democracy Corps.

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By: Stan Greenberg, James Carville, and Erica Seifert

For: Democracy Corps