In a period in which Palestinians think Israel uninterested in peace but violence to be unproductive, they focus more on how to get more jobs, lower prices, and improvements in health care and education.

People increasingly supportive of Fatah and hostile to Hamas, while Fayyad may be appropriate leader for these times.

This new survey of the Palestinian territories was released by The Israel Project last week. It was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and fielded by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, which also organized the focus groups conducted with Ramallah and East Jerusalem residents. The national survey was 1,010 interviews, 656 in the West Bank and 353 in the Gaza Strip, with an overall margin of error of 3.1 percent.

Key Findings

  • While a majority support UN Recognition of a Palestinian state, it is a very low priority (4 percent) - and nobody brought up the subject in focus groups.
  • While only a third say they can accept the two states for two peoples formulation, 52 percent favor negotiations with Prime Minister Netanyahu, even though he has announced parameters that preclude dividing Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees returning to Israel, and 57 percent support President Obama’s proposal for the 1967 lines with agreed upon swaps as a basis for negotiations.
  • Almost two-thirds reject a Third Intifada and say this is a time for engagement with Israel, not violent resistance.
  • While there is waning support for Hamas and its direction in the West Bank and Gaza, very large majorities of Palestinians support portions of the Hamas charter on jihad against the Jews. That does not extend to the official rejection of a peaceful settlement with Israel; a plurality rejects the charter on this point.
  • Mahmoud Abbas enjoys a 70 percent approval rating, while Hamas has a disapproval of 67 percent.

The full results, graph presentation and‘The Israel Project’ press releaseare available at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner or The Israel Project.

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