Source: Greenberg Quinlan Rosner


Straw Poll Results (PDF - 3 K)

Executive Summary

Results of a new straw poll of progressives find jobs to be the highest priority for President Obama, rising well above deficit reduction and financial reform. For the fourth year, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, in conjunction with Campaign for America’s Future and Revolution Messaging, conducted a straw poll among registered participants at “America’s Future Now!,” an annual conference of progressive activists. 

Key Findings

Progressive conference attendees support President Obama and his agenda and are energized for the midterm elections. Over three-quarters approve of the job he is doing and 73 percent say they are as enthusiastic or more going into this year’s congressional elections as they were in 2006 when Democrats re-captured the House.

Other key findings:

  • Last year health care was cited as the highest priority for Obama by conference attendees. This year, 65 percent say it has been his top accomplishment.
  • Sarah Palin rose to the top of the list as the preferred GOP nominee in 2012, beating out Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence and others.
  • 84 percent believe Obama has tried to work with Republicans in good faith and should not compromise anymore to further his agenda.
  • 86 percent think the stimulus should be spent as planned to help create jobs rather than canceled to reduce the deficit.
  • 60 percent think Republicans are playing politics with Obama’s agenda, rather than objecting to it on real ideological grounds.
  • 81 percent want to see government investment in new industries to help business grow and create jobs.