Anna Greenberg and Dave Walker
Third Way


Third Way Survey Results (PDF - 4 K)

Survey Results (California) (PDF - 5 K)

Executive Summary

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner executed research on behalf at Third Way, including post election surveys in November in California and Arkansas and a national survey done in January. This research looked broadly at the issue of marriage equality and other LBGT issues. The state research was done immediately after marriage (California) and adoption (Arkansas) referenda in those states.

Key Findings

  • Opposition to marriage equality is not rooted entirely in anti-gay bigotry. At least part of this reflects an appreciation for traditional definition of marriage and a fear that this institution is in trouble.
  • Despite set backs in referenda in 2008 and in prior years, acceptance of the LGBT community is growing. Even in a conservative state like Arkansas, more voters say they are growing more accepting than less accepting.
  • A huge majority of voters nationally support some legal recognition of gay couples, even while most have not accepted marriage.


This survey was commissioned by Third Way. It included two statewide surveys of 2008 voters in California (900 interviews) and Arkansas (600 interview) completed November 5-11. In addition, the national survey of 2008 voters (1,000 interviews, including an oversample of 100 African Americans) was completed January 13-18.