Stan Greenberg and Bob Borosage
Democracy Corps and Campaign for America's Future


Executive Summary

The 2008 elections provide a mandate for bold change and marks major realignments in the electorate, according to an extensive post-election poll released today by the Campaign for America’s Future and Democracy Corps. The poll shows that President-elect Obama and the new Democratic majorities in Congress have broad support for bringing the Iraq war to an end, for getting the economy moving and for moving on health care and energy.

Key Findings

Borosage said President-elect Obama’s victory spearheaded not only a change election, but a sea change election, marking the end of a conservative era. “The consolidation of a new majority coalition, and the mandate provided for progressive reform makes this a sea change election,” said Borosage.

“Republicans emerge from this election as an aging, isolated, regional party, increasingly in the grip of its dwindling base. Democrats are consolidating a governing majority in what is, increasingly, a center-left nation.” Greenberg said voters want to give the new president some space to carry out needed reforms.

“They want to give their new president a honeymoon to make big changes, with a new politics, and without overreaching,” said Greenberg. “In a second wave election in a row, progressive winds are shaping the country.”


The poll, conducted on Election Day and Wednesday, surveyed 2,000 voters and drew on a decade of previous surveys. Campaign for America’s Future co-director Robert Borosage joined Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg at the National Press Club today to discuss the results.