Stan Greenberg, James Carville, and Kristi Fuksa highlight how Democrats can build confidence and make real gains, even in Republican territory, when they prioritize changing the middle class tax burden and engage the Republicans at every opportunity.

 Key Findings

  • Almost across the board, voters have a strong desire to see a fundamental reform of the health care system. Even when faced with unanswered attacks that reform would mean higher taxes and bigger government, there is a near majority of support.
  • Moreover, when health care is injected in a partisan way, by presenting voters with both Democratic and Republican plans, voters strongly prefer the Democratic approach.
  • Finally, in a simulated debate where survey respondents were read message in support of and opposition to both parties’ plan, Democrats not only maintained their dominant position on the issue, but also marginally improved their standing in a named vote match-up against the Republicans. It is clear that Democrats and progressive can only benefit from strongly engaging in a health care debate this cycle.


This presentation draws on findings from a Greenberg Quinlan Rosner survey conducted for SEIU/CAPAF in November 2007 in six competitive senate states and eight battleground house districts.  It also incorporates data from a Democracy Corps National Survey, conducted in May 2007.


FamiliesUSA Health Care Presentation (PDF - 18 K)