Jiore Craig

Director of Digital Strategy

Jiore Craig is the director of digital strategy on the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner International team. Jiore is currently leading the team’s digital practice in addition to executing campaign strategy and communication and corporate communication supported by public opinion research.

Jiore currently concentrates on political work in Europe and Africa – as well as public opinion work around migration sentiments across the European Union.  Jiore works together with GQR’s corporate practice based in New York, most recently focusing on re-branding and positioning efforts and digital outreach. Initially joining GQR’s digital practice in 2013, Jiore dedicated significant time to the GQR digital efforts in the Moldovan 2014 election. More recently, Jiore worked on the successful same-sex marriage referendum ‘Yes’ campaign in Ireland.  

Jiore is well-versed in mixed research methodologies, including new digital methods to collect qualitative and quantitative data online. She specializes in adopting campaign strategy to digital outreach platforms and implementing digital infrastructure in developing countries. She is also a certified focus group moderator.

Before joining GQR, Jiore worked as a parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Jiore received her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Rochester with a minor in Legal Studies. She was awarded the Jay F. Birdsall Prize for her commitment to practical politics and the Susan B. Anthony Award for her commitment to addressing and understanding difficult social issues. Jiore is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild.